Fluna Tec optics foam cleaner

Product information "Fluna Tec optics foam cleaner"
Aerosol - foam cleaner Fluna Tec optics foam cleaner is a special foam for cleaning all types of optics, binoculars, rifle scale, spending. Fluna optics foam cleaner also cleans flat screens such as TFT-LCD monitors, laptop screens, TVs, PDAs, navigation devices, glass and mirror.fluna optics foam cleaner can also be used on plastic and rubberized surfaces. Fluna optics foam cleaner removes all customary dirt such as dust, nicotine, insects, fat prints, fingerprints, patina made of hand sweat and dust. properties Extremely high stability High cleaning power Doesn't penetrate into the housing Cleans without residue Does not contain alcohol Simple application application Hunting look, e.g. rifle scope Blow the look before cleaning with compressed air or remove the coarse dust. Spray the fluna TFT/optics foam cleaner against the glass from the front, so that the expanding foam completely fills the volume between the glass and the end of the rifle scope. After a short exposure time, drive along the grooved Lebung with a dry, clean cloth and thus remove the adhering dust from the sun visor. In a second step, spray the cleaner thinly on the glass and clean and polish it with a dry, clean cloth. Screens Apply the fluna TFT/optics foam cleaner evenly and thinly to the surfaces and let it work for a few seconds to resolve dirt. Spread the product with a soft cloth and remove dirt. We recommend switching off the device when cleaning. When cleaning plastics, a longer exposure time of the product is recommended.

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